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Where can you find science in everyday life? How do you conduct experiments? And what are scientists in Israel and the world working on? Join us for an exciting program where the hottest scientific topics meet a different teaching environment of tours, lectures and scientific experiments

Prism is a program designed for science teachers in elementary, middle and high schools, and for all of their students. The program allows teachers to delve deeper into advanced science topics with their students, as well as enhance the material taught in the classroom during the school year.

Prism activities are conducted across the Weizmann Institute of Science, the Davidson Institute of Science Education and the Science Park, and focus on biology, chemistry, and physics. Each track introduces students to scientific topics that they will explore via experiential learning and hands-on activities, allowing them to study through inquiry, questioning, speculation, experimentation, and reaching their own conclusions.

Prism is where the Davidson Institute of Science Education brings together esteemed scientists and researchers and advanced research infrastructure with its world-class academic environment, educational technology and pedagogical approach.

Prism is designed to pique students' curiosity, encourage them to engage and use their imagination, and to help them develop thinking, research, and analytic skills.

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Prism for Middle School

Prism for High School


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