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Accessing cutting-edge science through inquiry-based learning

As the educational landscape continues to change and evolve to meet the needs of 21st century skills, the emergence of new forms of learning are abound. Successful programs focus on pedagogy and the adoption of technology to help students develop critical thinking skills and effective reading and writing skills in order to communicate their own ideas.

Summary: iScientist allows educators to invite experts in science, math and technology (STEM) for an active and unmediated video conversation led by students and their questions. As the facilitator and mediator, the educator has a unique position to cultivate the skill of asking questions among learners, exposing them to scientists as role models and to the forefront of scientific practice. The iScientist team assists participants during the entire process with pedagogical resources, methods of organization and communication oversight.

Details: The iScientist platform grants access to leading science researchers and pedagogical resources to cultivate a student-centered learning experience in the classroom. The methodology uses questioning as the basis of developing students’ critical thinking and effective communication skills; providing an authentic learning experience which translates to higher student engagement.  The scientific method of research also illustrates the process of discovery and invention, encouraging students to think beyond their classroom into possibilities of the future.

Upon registration to the iScientist platform, the teacher will need to complete a short one-time introductory session where they will be trained on how to use the platform in order to take advantage of the full range of pedagogical resources. They will then be able to view a detailed list of scientists and their research in order to invite the scientist that will best fit their curriculum and classroom environment.

What Participants are Saying ….

“The fire and enthusiasm in his eyes while talking about his research was inspiring!! He was really able to achieve amazing things thanks to willpower and education! He motivated me both in my personal life and in scientific research in general. ”

“I was sure that this topic would not interest me at all and to my surprise I listened and was very interested! The scientist was also very nice and answered all our questions. ”

The iScientist program supports the goals of the OECD 2030 learning compass by ensuring comprehensive quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all. 

  • Asking questions is a skill required to make informed decisions and is the basis of any process of scientific thinking and research.
  • Exposure to scientific research offers a glimpse into the structure of the scientific process illustrating the potential of questions and possibilities.
  • Motivation, curiosity and a sense of self-worth are critical abilities that affect students' future vision.
  • Learners must have the opportunity to reflect on their ideas, strengthen their analytical skills and demonstrate critical and creative thinking.
  • Building strategic questions in the classroom promotes autonomy by encouraging the sharing of new ideas and perspectives.

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