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Privacy policy for users of the Davidson Institute of Science Education website

Welcome to the website of the Davidson Institute of Science Education (a registered non-profit), the educational arm of the Weizmann Institute of Science (“the Institute” and “the Weizmann Institute”, respectively) on this address or any other or any additional address through which the website (“the site”) is made accessible.

Browsing the site or any other use of it is subject to this Privacy Policy (in addition to the Terms of Use), and indicates your agreement to it. Its goal is to inform and describe the information collected by the Institute during use of the site, the use which will be made with that information, and your rights in this matter.

Any gender-specific term should be understood as referring to both genders, and is used solely for the purpose of making the text easier to read.

This policy joins any other agreement (including Terms of Use, Guidelines, Terms of Registration, etc.) between you and the Institute.

Please read this policy carefully.

Browsing this website does not involve the collection of identifying personal information, but it does create, in the site’s servers, the technical details that Internete site browsing customarily creates (such as the IP address from which users access a site).

Use of tools and services (“the services”) on the site: Some of the site’s services require registration and provision of personal information. For example, contacting the Institute through the site, signing up for the newsletter, and signing up for some of the programs (various activities offered by the Institute including enrichment classes, lectures, workshops, etc.) require providing personal information.

You do not have to provide the Institute with your personal information, but without doing so, you will not be able to use some of the services on the website.

The data created while browsing the site and the information you provide through the site will be kept in the Institute’s database and used as set out in this Privacy Policy.

This Policy also applies to the provision of details to the Institute relating to programs not through this site. Since the site constitutes an additional channel of communication with the Institute, some of the information which the Institute may hold may be more detailed than that provided by you during your use of this site.

The Institute’s databases are registered with the Database Registrar.

Browsing the site: This site uses Cookies. Cookies (or any other technology serving a similar purpose) are files created by the site on the computer used to access the site.

Cookies are used on this site to improve its ease of use, usability, security, adjust the displayed content, measure website usage, and improve and optimize the ongoing activity of the site and its services.

For example, cookies are used on this site to measure the number of forms sent by the site, optimize and facilitate the filling and sending of forms through the site, identify newsletter subscribers, to identify users who contacted the Institute through the site's contact tools, identify users who viewed certain content in order to avoid presenting it again, identify program subscribers, etc.

Cookies are also used to analyze users’ use of the site, using Google Analytics. For example, cookies are used to identify a particular user who accessed the same page several times so as to accurately measure the extent to which a particular page is being used.

Further information on this can be found here:

Some of the cookies expire upon ending the website session and closing the browser, some are saved for various lengths of time on the computer used to browse the site.

Most of the popular web browsers offer an option to manage the use of cookies, limit them, or completely block them through their inbuilt settings option.

Cookies can also be deleted at any point from the user’s computer (search for the term “cookies” through the operating system’s search tool to locate them on the user’s computer, and then delete them).

Deleting or blocking cookies may cause some of the site’s services to function improperly (for instance, a notice that you have already viewed and dismissed may re-appear, the information you submitted in a specific form may be deleted, or the name and password you chose to save in your browser so that you would not have to enter them again may be deleted, etc.)

Online payments

Some of the services on this website offer an online payment option (in addition to other payment methods, for example, through the telephone). Unless otherwise expressly stated, payments are done by third parties who provide online payment and processing services. Use of these services is subject to the terms of use and privacy policies of the relevant third parties. When these services are used, the information collected by the Institute will mainly include data about the payment and the activity for which the payment has been collected.

While online payment providers do take security measures, it is important to remember that online payments are exposed to the risks associated with internet browsing.

Data use

The details collected by the Institute will be used by the Institute as follows:

  • To provide a response in the event of your contacting the Institute.
  • To provide you with information through the website.
  • To provide you with information based on your use of the website.
  • To provide you with information about the activities of the Institute, as well as information about scientific and educational topics, including information that may be considered “advertisements” (in accordance with Article 30a of the Telecommunications Law (Bezeq and Transmissions) 5742-1982), such as: Information about exhibitions, publications (in the media, on the internet, in journals, or anywhere else), activities, educational lecturers, studies in various frameworks (of the Institute or third parties) which may be subject to registration fees or other fees, via email.
  • To provide you with the information and services that you registered to receive via the website.
  • To provide you, via regular mail, with information on the Institute’s or third parties’ various activities on science education issues, including exhibitions, classes, workshops, lecturers, training courses (either free or at no cost).
  • To receive feedback and conduct surveys.
  • For statistical and other uses (such as improvement, expansion, and change in services, etc.), which are not be identified with you.


You have the right to inform the Institute that you refuse to receive emails; you may also, at any time in the future, inform the Institute that you do not wish to receive emails, using the following methods:

Contact information:


Address: The Davidson Institute of Science Education at the Weizmann Institute of Science, PO Box 26, Rehovot 7610001

Phone: +972-8-9378300

Fax: +972-8-6362045

Your request will be processed as soon as possible, and, if possible, within two working days. Under special circumstances, your request may take longer to process.

Requests that include unclear or incomplete information may take longer to process.


Right of access

You have the right to review the information concerning you which is stored in the Institute’s database.

The manner in which the right is exercised will be determined from time to time by the Institute, in accordance with the provisions of the Protection of Privacy Law 1981 (conditions for review of information and the rules on appeal against refusal of reference), and the guidelines of the Database Registrar.

If you encounter incorrect information about you, or information that you believe is incorrect, you may request that it be corrected or deleted.

If your request to review, correct, or delete is refused, you may appeal to the magistrate's court in the manner determined in the above regulations.

Sharing data with third parties

  • The Institute will not transfer your details to a third party for its use without your permission, except for as needed in the framework of provision of services or products that you have chosen to receive from the Institute. For instance, if you have registered for a paid program, the Institute will transfer your credit card information in order to execute the payment.
  • The Institute will not sell or lease your details to third parties.
  • In addition to the above-mentioned cases, the Institute will be authorized to transfer your details to a third party in the following cases:

- Judicial order

- Instruction or order from an official authority.

- Current or reasonably expected legal proceedings that the Institute is a party to or has an interest in.

- Acting on the belief that this would reduce the risk or damage to your body or property, or to the body or property of another.

- To protect the legitimate personal interest of the Institute or the Weizmann Institute.

- To the Weizmann Institute, provided that it uses the information in accordance with this Privacy Policy, or a similar privacy policy.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

The Institute is entitled to make changes to this Privacy Policy, following prior notice, except for in cases where it is in your best interests or in order to adapt the Policy to changes under law, in which case the change may be immediate.


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