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The Periodic Table Meets Minecraft

Want to make chemistry a memorable experience for students? Incorporate the game we developed! The game contains chemistry content from the eighth grade science and technology curriculum, applied to their favorite platform, the Minecraft Game

Students playing the computer game, based on Minecraft, learn about the periodic table. The content corresponds with the eighth grade curriculum of the Israeli Ministry of Education, and can be a primary, supplemental teaching tool for classroom instruction or homework. The content is communicated on a familiar and favorite platform that gives the students a sense of belonging and success. The game contributes to increasing motivation for science and technology studies by summoning experiential and exciting experiences in the subject matter.


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The activity is tailored to the eighth grade curriculum, but can also accommodate students of different ages



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More about the program

The game is a technological development of TopEdu and a pedagogical development of the Davidson Institute of Science Education.

The activity was developed in honor of the 150th birthday of the Periodic Table (February 17, 1869). The activity takes place within the popular 3D world of Minecraft, while teaching subjects matter that match the eighth grade curriculum.

The game package includes all activities and is offered to schools and local authorities, and it can also be purchased privately.

Important Information:

  1. The activity is a computer game that can be easily installed on any computer and logged in with personal licenses.
  2. The computer game  is divided into several chapters on various topics that are listed below, which require knowledge at different levels and apply different types of skills; Memory, self-learning, solving complex problems, drawing conclusions and more. Students will be required to read content, watch videos and solve creative in-game tasks.
  3. The game is structured to encompass about 15 hours of curriculum.
  4. The activity can be done in a concentrated manner, as an additional or supplementary medium of instruction in the classroom, to ensure that students understand the material.
  5. The activity includes all of the required background curriculum, and can therefore be a primary learning tool.
  6. The activity can be given as a homework assignment for students.
  7. The division into stages allows to pace the progress in the game and tasks required can be adjusted according to the level of students in the whole class, or individually to different students in the class.


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These are the topics covered in the game:

  1. Dmetri Mendeleev: Getting to know the man who discovered the periodic table, its history, his course of life and how the periodic table was discovered.
  2. Basic concepts  concerning matter and classification of mater into elements, compounds and mixtures
  3. The structure of the atom and its familiarity with the subatomic particles
  4. The periodic table structure and how to read and understand the table


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