• Science news

    A New Protein Family

    Researchers from the University of Haifa have discovered a new family of proteins that protect wheat and other plants from disease

    Yael Gruper February 25, 2019 זמן קריאה משוער 5
  • Leave room for doubt

    Science’s Fight for Life

    A measles outbreak due to anti-vaxxer activity and politicians who do not hesitate to lie and twist facts to serve financial interests. The challenges that science had to face in 2018.

    Dr. Noam Leviatan January 3, 2019 זמן קריאה משוער 12
  • Science news

    The Obesity Protein

    A protein that interferes with the brain's attempts to "turn off" the sensation of hunger may be the key in developing a drug for impeding weight gain

    Dr. Iddo Magen October 17, 2018 זמן קריאה משוער 3