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A Window Into The Future

Curious about science labs and what the future has in store? Let’s open a window to the cutting edge of research, meet scientists, and ask questions.

The Window into the Future program exposes participants to some of the Weizmann Institute’s investigations at the frontiers of science, engaging them in an eye-level conversation with the scientist in the lab environment.
Throughout the program, scientific discussions are accompanied by personal talks about choosing science, the challenges, and the daily experiences in the laboratory with scientists and researchers.
The program is conducted in English through online monthly meetings on Sunday afternoons.
Ahead of each session, we will provide you with articles, videos, and presentations related to the research of the scientist you are about to meet

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High-school students from abroad and from Israel.


Sundays, once a month.


Any location with network access (for maximum convenience, we recommend using a desktop/laptop or tablet).


Free of charge.


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Team Members

Program Director: Dr. Dorit Granot
Program Coordinator: Nirit Alon


For more information: +972-8-9378300

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