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Science in the Science Garden

How does optical illusion work? What are the distinct forms in which matter can exist? And do we really have levers in our body? Join us as we explore these questions in the Science Garden.

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It's time to learn about some of the most interesting scientific principles out there! But this isn’t just another science class – we believe in having fun, so this class includes tours, lectures, and outings in the Science Garden, and all is small groups with dedicated instructors.
Each session will explore one of the various, fascinating topics comprising the world of science, including:
Physics and Chemistry: Energy and energy conversions, sound waves, forces, balance and stability, rotational motion, materials and their properties, acids and bases, states of aggregation, and more.
Biology and Ecology: Interactions in nature, the environment, solar energy and its uses, the importance of color in the animal world, the senses, the brain, optical illusions, and more.
Space Science: The Solar System, the moon, darkness, the light spectrum, and more.
After exploring these terms, principles, and scientific themes, we will go out "in the field", canvassing the dozens of exhibits scattered across the Science Garden Museum, learning about them and experiencing what they do firsthand. This activity will show us how the phenomena we learn about in the lab are reflected in everyday life, and help us understand them better.
So get your hats and sunglasses ready, because this class takes you to the great outdoors of the Science Garden!


For 3rd and 4th-graders


20 weekly sessions, on Thursday s, between 16:00-17:30. The first meeting will take place on October 31, 2019.



The Science Garden and the lower computer room, north Davidson campus at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot


1,500 NIS (up to six, interest-free installments). A 10% discount will be granted to students who enroll by Aug. 31. Students (including siblings) who enroll in more than one class will be granted a 10% discount.


Simply click on the registration link in the Hebrew site and follow the instructions on the online form. Hurry – the number of students per class is limited!


More about the program

We strive to make sure all participants enjoy the experience. To this end, classes will be adjusted to the level of students as they progress and the curriculum may highlight subjects according to participants' preferences.

Classes offered by the Davidson Institute of Science Education include exciting scientific demonstrations and laboratory experiments, fascinating lectures, and tours of the Science Garden with experienced instructors who are highly versed in the sciences.


Team Members

Instructor: Noa Shapira

For more information: +972-8-9378300

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