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Research-0riented Physics Program

A unique program aimed at nurturing research skills, for students selected and approved by the Ministry of Education’s Chief Inspector of Physics

This novel, unique, and prestigious program will expose students majoring in physics to the world of scientific research, while fostering students’ personal responsibility for their own studies, encouraging creativity, and promoting each student’s own initiative and imagination. The research project allows students to develop their scientific research and web content skills, connects physics with modern culture, and enables integrating physics with other fields of knowledge. On the program, each student pair will perform a 5-matriculation-unit research project, in addition to the regular 5-unit physics curriculum they study at their school.

More about the program

Learning how to perform research requires expertise in web content and understanding of physical processes and principles, alongside studying specific topics and other skills. The topics covered by the program include unique chapters in physics and mathematics, according to the subject of research; research methods and statistics; scientific writing, reading and analyzing academic papers; advanced computer skills; the history of physics with an emphasis on experiments, discoveries, inventions, and milestones studies in the history of science; and more.

The exercises and the methods of evaluation throughout the three-year program, starting in the 10th grade, will be diverse. At the end of the program, students will submit a research portfolio and take an external exam supervised by an examiner from the office of the Chief Inspector of Physics at the Ministry of Education.

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Team Members

Program Director: Dr. Rami Arieli

For more information: +972-8-9378300

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