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National Neuroscience Program

Ever wonder exactly what makes the human brain tick? If you want to learn more about the original "super computer," conduct exciting research and meet scientists in the virtual neuroscience classroom, then this unique 5-point-level scientific major is just the thing for you!

How many senses do we really have? How does our brain learn new things? What happens in our bodies when we fall in love? Can imagination improve the performance of musicians and athletes? Why does the brain of blind people who regain their sight struggle to understand images? While research has provided the answers to many of these questions, others remain a mystery.

Controlling and generating thoughts, emotions, senses, and memories – the brain is the most complex organ in the human body. It comprises 2% of our weight but consumes about 20% of our energy. In recent years, neuroscience has been at the forefront of scientific research, providing novel and surprising findings that expand our understanding of this magnificent system.

The field of neuroscience encompasses a variety of disciplines, such as physics, psychology, biology, chemistry, linguistics, computer science, etc. We invite you to join the National Neuroscience Program and take part in an exciting scientific adventure seeking to decipher the secrets of the brain.

This unique online program features an advanced curriculum that promises an unforgettable experience. The program offers participants multidisciplinary studies of topics at the heart of cutting edge scientific research, and provides them with the opportunity to take part in actual research in this field. 

In addition, the program also includes annual meetings at the Davidson Institute of Science Education at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, where students will interact with their peers, conduct experiments and attend lectures by top-notch scientists.

This three-year program is accredited by the Education Ministry as a 5-point matriculation major.

The program will be in Hebrew.


Outstanding 10th-graders who are science majors and are also taking advanced-level (4-5 points) mathematics


Screening tests will take place at the Duck Hall at the Davidson Institute of Science Education between 16:30 and 19:30. Orientation will take place on one of the following: July 23-25, Aug. 4-6, or Aug. 12-14


Classes will be held at the Davidson Institute of Science Education at on the Weizmann Institute of Science campus in Rehovot. Online classes can take place wherever internet access is available


Registration and screening –176 NIS (down from 220 NIS). Admission –2,500 NIS (in up to 10 installments).

Scholarships are available on a personal-economic basis.

Cost for local authorities/schools: 1,500 NIS a year per student.



To apply, simply click on the registration button on the bottom of the page. Registration and accreditation require coordination with the school's administration.  Applicants must demonstrate self-discipline and have top grades (90 and over) in sciences, English and math. Please make sure to enclose a letter of recommendation from your school with your application. Suitable applicants will be invited to take an admission test.

Please note: The Davidson Institute of Science Education retains the right to cancel the course if it deems not enough students have enrolled.


More about the program

  • In its first year, the program will explore the brain's responsibilities, nerve cells and the connection between them, senses and perception, the visual system, memory, learning, language, and emotions.
  • In its second year, the program will delve into the roles of the brain, nerve cells and the connection between motion and other sensory systems, brain-machine interactions, research methods in neuroscience, and analyzing data from scientific research.
  • The third year will see students conduct independent research on a topic of their choice.


Team Members

Program Director: Dr. Noa Pinsker-Zeharia


For more information: +972-8-9378300

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