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Ma’ale – Excelling Arab Students in Science and Engineering

If you are outstanding or gifted students from the Arab sector who plan to major in science in high school and you don't shy away from hard work – we have just the program for you!

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Are things like “bending” a soccer ball, melting an ice cube, or popping popcorn in the microwave really just everyday phenomena? Not to us! Participants in the Ma'ale Excellence program for the Arab Community create computer simulations of these and other phenomena to try and predict their results: Where will the ball we kicked go, which part of the ice cube melts first, and at what exact second will the corn kernel pop.

Launched in 2014, Ma’ale is a three-year program focusing on computational science. Over the course of the program, students acquire profound knowledge in programming (Python, EJS, Matlab) and apply it to solving scientific problems. In addition, they meet with the heads of Arab startup companies, engineers, and researchers who are involved in cutting-edge studies and technological or biological development. At the end of each year, participants carry out a research project that combines programming and science and focuses on a topic of their choice.



Outstanding 9th-grade Arab students, who have chosen or intend to choose a 5-point level mathematics and physics program in high school


Ma'ale is a three-year program that takes place from the 10th grade to the end of 12th grade. Opening at the beginning of the school year, four-hour weekly sessions are held every Wednesday afternoon. Additional study days are held throughout the year, during school vacations.



The program's main home is the University of Haifa. Students visit The Davidson Institute of Science Education at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, as well as other universities and high-tech companies.


The screening process carries a fee of 50 NIS. Annual tuition stands at 2,000 NIS (in up to six installments). The tuition fee includes all workshops at the Weizmann Institute as well as transportation costs. Scholarships are also available: To apply, see the information on the sidebar on the Hebrew site


The registration link can be found on the Hebrew site.

More about the program

The Ma'ale Excellence program for the Arab Community aspires to enable outstanding Arab students to become part of Israel's academia and high-tech industry in the future. 
The program is recognized by the Education Ministry and the Council for Higher Education. This earns science graduates bonus points in their university admissions scores. In addition, our program works on five key issues:  
1. Learning Hebrew: Lessons are conducted in Hebrew, providing participants with an opportunity to improve their language skills with the aim of placing them on a par with native Hebrew speakers ahead of entering the Israeli job market in the future.
2. Professional role models: Accomplished experts and professionals from academia and industry spend time with the students throughout the program, do both illustrate and demonstrate professional success in the various industries in which students can integrate in the future.
3. Scientific enrichment: The program is taught by lecturers from the Weizmann Institute and the Davidson Institute. Participants visit laboratories and explore cutting-edge research. 
4. Soft skills: The program aims, in part, to help participants develop and broaden their personal skill-set in preparation for their professional life. This includes working on issues such as communication, self-confidence and motivation, creative thinking, work ethic, public speaking, and even résumé writing.
5. Networking: The unique combination of activities offered by the program helps participants create a social and professional circle that will assist them in the future, as they apply to higher-education institutions and places of employment. 

For more information, visit the Hebrew site.


Team Members

Program Director: Dr. Hila Damari-Weissler

For more information: +972-8-9378300

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