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The Davidson Track for Mathematical Excellence

Junior high-school math teachers: Looking for a way to advance your students to the next level? We have the program for you!

Mathematics in the junior-high school is a key point for the rest of the academic track students will choose. This is why it is the right time to advance students who have already shown interest in this subject, enhance their curiosity, and boost their motivation to study math on a 5-point matriculation level in high school.

For this purpose, we are offering schools the Davidson Track for Mathematical ‎Excellence. For the students, the program translates into extra lessons, during which they will actively learn new topics in mathematics via research, games, specialized workbooks, and other activities developed by the Davidson Institute’s experts in science education. The teachers receive the required equipment for performing the activities in class, participate in advanced study workshops recognized for “Gmul Hishtalmut,” and get close guidance throughout the program.

The program creates a community of teachers with a passion for excellence that empowers them. Wouldn’t you want to be a part of it?

More about the program


  • Raising the level of math studies for both excelling students and the entire school.
  • Promoting the status of the school in the community and among the parents.
  • Answer the students’, parents’, and math teachers’ need for such a program.  

Learning methods

  • Enrichment activities, mostly in creative mathematics and logical thinking, with the appropriate interface with the regular syllabus.
  • The track is led by the school’s teachers, who will receive continuous training and personal guidance.
  • The activities are based on students working either independently or in groups, through instruction, research, and posing questions (hands-on learning activities).
  • The track focuses on acquiring research skills via learning from experience, while meeting the requirements for excellence, encouraging curiosity, and developing mathematical ability and high-level thinking.

During the school year, students and teachers will be invited to a day of activity at the Davidson Institute of Science Education, with workshops, lectures, and special tours. A parent-student activity can also be scheduled during the year. 

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Team Members

Program Director: Julia Sagalin

For more information: +972-8-9378300

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