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The “Safe Cracking” International Physics Tournament

Learning is one thing. Exploring is quite another

The International "Safe-Cracking" Physics tournament aims to encourage the basic understanding of scientific principles and the development of original ideas by which to implement these principles.

This competition is the highlight event of Israeli physics students nationwide, and schools chosen to participate in it pick their teams about six months prior to the tournament. Students who are part of these teams are tasked with designing, building and operating a locking mechanism for a safe that is based on the different principles of physics. This mechanism must be sophisticated enough to be impossible to open without deciphering the physics principles behind it.


11th -12th grade students from Israel and abroad, who study advanced level physics. Registration may be submitted by physics teachers/mentors only. 



The tournament will take place from the 2nd-3rd of April, 2024.


  You can prepare for the tournament and design the locking mechanism at home or anywhere else you like. The tournament will be held at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot,  Israel


USD 600$ per participant (including the chaperone), for registration and accommodation.


Registration may be submitted by physics teachers/mentors only. We encourage students who want to participate in the tournament to appeal to their teachers.