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The “Safe Cracking” International Physics Tournament

It's one thing to learn. Exploring is quite another.

Imagine standing in front of a box (a “safe”) that holds lasers, wires, magnets, and a fan. You have ten minutes to break into it, and the clock is ticking. Can you crack the code to open the lock? The International Physics Tournament is your chance to prove to everyone what you are capable of.

The safe-cracking tournament is a process in which teams of up to five students build locking mechanisms for “safes,” based on different principles of physics. Each team designs, builds, and operates a locking mechanism for its “safe,” sophisticated enough to be impossible to open without deciphering the physics principles behind it.

The aim of the tournament is to encourage basic understanding of scientific principles and develop original ideas to implement these principles. On the day of the tournament, teams from Israel and around the world present the mechanisms they built as a challenge to the other teams and try to “crack” other teams’ safes.

The International Physics Tournament 2020

The international tournament will be held at the Davidson Institute of Science Education at the Weizmann Institute on March 24-25, 2020.

Preliminary tournaments will be held this year in Israel, Canada, UK, Slovenia and Argentina. 


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