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The Annual Prof. Amos de-Shalit Lecture

A science lecture for 10th-12th grade students and the general public

The information revolution, nanophysics and quantum mechnaics: Prof. Moty Heiblum, the Faculty of Physics, Weizmann Institute of Science

The world of microelectronics is increasingly being miniaturized, as a vast number of nanometric electronic components are populating cell phones, computers, cameras, home appliances etc. Elementary particles – electrons, are those responsible for conducting the electric current and for the fast and proper action of the countless devices. However, miniaturization has its price. The electrons, sensing they are spending time in blocked and miniature areas, behave differently, as they would inside atoms and molecules. Namely, they are behaving according to the laws of quantum mechanics. The electrons behave as waves and not as particles – they interfere with each other and create standing waves, and therefore can only acquire discrete (quantum) energies. These phenomena and others influence and alter the action of the miniaturized components.

The lecture will be broadcasted live online.

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