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Computational Science (CS) – Physics

Computational science is one of the hottest fields still not being taught at school, and physics is one of your favorite subjects; now imagine a program that combines the two.

“Bending” a soccer ball, popping popcorn in the microwave, or melting an ice cube: Everyday phenomena? Not to us! Behind these seemingly simple actions hiding are complex processes that it is still not possible to calculate accurately, but – using computational models (simulations) – we can try to predict their results: Where will the ball we kicked go, at what exact second will the corn kernel pop, and what part of the ice will melt first.

Computational science is unlike any other subject in school. That is why we have developed a specialized three-year program, during which you will acquire profound knowledge in software programs such as Python, EJS, and Matlab and apply it to solve scientific problems. Just imagine that using models like these, in the future you will be able to simulate and make predictions with regards to larger environmental processes, such as iceberg melting and the formation of cracks and holes on the road – and thus contribute to preserving nature, protecting the environment and the planet. So if you want to save the world, this is the program for you!

More about the program

The Davidson Institute of Science Education, together with Hemda – the science education center in Tel-Aviv, with the Ministry of Education’s approval, holds a super-regional class in computational science. Due to the increasing need to predict the outcomes of complex processes, computational science is an emerging scientific-academic field. It relies on the advanced abilities of computers to build simulations, investigate them, and compare their results to real-world situation. Computational science enables addressing questions whose underlying laws we understand, but are too complicated to solve otherwise. Moreover, computers are also central in monitoring elaborate experiments and in running models and simulations. 

Computational science as a field has been taught successfully at the Davidson Institute for numerous years, and the program is accredited by the Ministry of Education and the Council for Higher Education as a unique 5-point matriculation subject. Thanks to this accreditation, graduates of the program receive a bonus on the course grade when applying to academic studies. The program’s graduates are accepted in significant rates to elite academic units in the IDF (Intelligence/Talpiot) and continue into higher education. Beyond its contribution to graduates’ scientific knowledge and thinking skills, the program also provides participants with confidence in their skills and their abilities to take on complex problems and challenges.  

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Team Members

Program Director: Dr. Gabriella Dorfman Foreman
Program Coordinator: Yael Ben-Haim

For more information: +972-8-9378300

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