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Take one school without a chemistry elective, add one Davidson Institute of Science Education, and mix them together in a test tube. What did you end up with? A new compound for studying chemistry.

Have you ever thought about how corn kernels turn into popcorn in the microwave? Or how come soap cleans better than water? If so, chemistry may indeed be the major for you. But what if you do not have a chemistry elective at your high school? Before giving up and choosing a subject you do not like as much, we have the perfect solution for you and your school: every week, after school, you will have one hour, at a set time, during which you will connect to a video chat system from anywhere you want. In this video chat you – a group of excellent students from all over the country – will receive an online chemistry lesson, given by a chemistry teacher from the Davidson Institute of Science Education and the Weizmann Institute of Science.

The lesson will include presentations, videos, exercises and even experiments you will be able to perform at home using a special kit we will send you. And if that is not enough, you will be invited to the Davidson Institute of Science Education twice a year in order to turn the virtual classroom into a real one, meet the other classmates, perform experiments in real laboratories, and tour the Institute’s facilities. So prepare your computer, tablet or cell phone, because this year you are going to learn chemistry – online.

The program is in Hebrew.

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Studies are accredited by the Chemistry Board of Studies at the Israel Ministry of Education. The lessons are given through an online learning platform (both synchronized and non-synchronized), combined with meetings at the Davidson Institute of Science Education throughout the year, divided according to grade and class.  

During 10th Grade: Three hours every week, two of which are an online lesson and one of independent work on the website. In addition, once a week, in the evening, there will be an elective tutoring hour.

During 11th Grade: Six hours every week, two of which are an online lesson, two are a tutorial,  and two of independent work on the website.

During 12th Grade: Same as 11th grade.

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