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The Weizmann Institute's Mathematical Circles

Puzzles, games and thinking challenges: welcome to the creative world of mathematics.

Can one use drawings to solve mathematical problems? How can you prove that a sentence is true? How do computers use mathematics? How are they different from humans? And why is it that you can find fractals, the Fibonacci series and the Pi number everywhere you go?

The Weizmann Institute's Mathematical Circles program delves into the creative side of math and explores the secrets of mathematics in imaginative ways, using ciphers, magic, geometry puzzles and more.


For 7th 8th and 9th-graders who love math, or who have a high scores grade in math, have been recommended by a teacher to participate in a math enrichment program, or have previously participated in a math program at the Davidson Institute of Science Education.


15 biweekly sessions, on Sundays, between 17:30-19:30.


Classroom 3. South Davidson campus, the Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot


1,000 NIS (up to six, interest-free installments).  Students (including siblings) who enroll in more than one class will be granted a 10% discount. 

Please note: multiple discounts do not apply.



Simply click on the registration link on the Hebrew site and follow the instructions on the online form. Hurry – the number of students per class is limited!


More about the program

This is a three-year program: Students who finish the first year can continue for the next two years, learning new topics, extending their knowledge and meeting more math-loving teens from across the country. 

The program is in Hebrew. 

For further information, visit the Hebrew site.

Team Members

Instructor: Tal Levi


For more information: +972-8-9378300

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