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Weizmann Institute Math Circle

Take a journey into the world of recreational math

What is the relationship between colored regions on a map to the way we build our school timetable? What is the connection between the tiling that is seen in the art of medieval Islamic building structures to Nobel Prize winning chemical discoveries?

In the Weizmann Institute Math Circle, you are the researcher. We will help you dive deeper into recreational math and expose you to contemporary research questions in the field. We will challenge you with codes, magic, geometry riddles, puzzles and game theory. Leading mathematicians from around the country will give guest lectures and workshops. Participants can login to the program's website where they will find all the lesson summaries, presentations and a vibrant forum.

As a bonus for participating, you will receive an invitation to the National Recreational Math, Puzzles and Games Conference. The conference, dedicated to recreational math, is held every May at the Davidson Institute of Science Education. Interested? Then come join us!

The program is in Hebrew. 
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Outstanding students or math lovers, in grades 7-9


Every second week on Monday


Meetings will be held at the Davidson Institute of Science Education in Rehovot from 17:30-20:00 




To be accepted to the program, one of the following conditions must be met: a score of at least 85 in mathematics, a letter of recommendation from your math teacher, previous participation in one of the math programs at the Davidson Institute or an interview with the program director. Space is limited to 25 students.