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Young Researchers

Excelling high school students? How do two days of laboratory experiments in the morning, lectures from experts in the afternoon and a social activity in the evening, three times a year sound?

The young researchers program is your opportunity to meet and get to know new friends from all around the country who love science just as much as you do, over two days of experiments, lectures and fun. The multi-disciplinary activity of the program will give you a taste of topics such as astronomy and astrophysics, biotechnology and medicine, chemistry, nanotechnology and more. You will spend your time meeting graduate students and scientists from the Weizmann Institute of Science, touring advanced laboratories and performing complex experiments. The social activity in the evening will include playing your musical instruments, playing ping-pong or participating in group activities and competitions.

Over the summer vacation, you can do a research project on the topic you find most interesting, as part of the Prof. Amos de-Shalit Summer Science Camp. During the five days of camp you will perform research in groups of two-three students in one of the research laboratories of the Weizmann Institute of Science. At the end of camp, you will present the findings of your research in front of your peers and family members. 

More about the program

The most promising students in the program will receive a recommendation for applying to the research projects program in 11th grade and will become candidates for international delegations and scientific conferences in the USA, UK, Germany, Sweden and more.

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