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Social Events for Organizations and Other Groups

The Garden of Science offers organizations and other groups to hold activities on the Weizmann Institute campus in a variety of scientific topics: activity days for employees and/or their families, and additional options according to requests. These activities include team competitions, scientific workshops, scientific lectures on the research conducted at the Weizmann Institute, day and night tours of the Garden, visits to the temporary exhibitions of the garden, lab experimentations and more.

Each group will be matched with the appropriate activity, according to the number of participants, group characteristics, etc. It is also possible to combine the scientific activity with an internal organizational activity, in an air-conditioned auditorium or around the garden. There is an option to incorporate a catering service, or use the suppliers of the organization.

In addition to activities at the Garden of Science there is also the possibility of visiting  the new visitors center at the Weizmann Institute of Science or the Weizmann House.

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