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Flexagons and the Math Behind Twisted Paper

Join recreational mathematician Dr. Yossi Elran on a journey into the wonders of flexagons and Möebius strips. The course is in English.

Flexagons and the Math Behind Twisted Paper.

Flexagons are twisted strips of folded paper that reveal their properties when flexed.
This online course will explain what they are, their history, and naming conventions. You’ll find out how to create your own flexagons and be able to share them with our global community of learners.
Together, you will also explore mathematical fields that provide flexagons analysis tools, including topology and graph theory, and learn about Möbius strips, Tuckermann diagrams, and more.



Math, puzzles, and brain challenge enthusiasts



Registration is open year-round. The course is intended for self-study at your own leisure (asynchronous) and takes about four hours a week for three weeks. 



Online, through Davidson Institute courses on Future Learn.



Free of charge




More about the program

This course is in English. It is hosted on “Future Learn,” an international learning platform and course aggregate. Thousands of participants learn in each course run, creating a global learning community. Learner interaction and discussion takes place during course runs on the comments feature for each step of the course, and is monitored by the course manager, Dr. Yossi Elran.

Topics covered: 

  1. The invention of flexagons
  2. How to make flexagons?
  3. Cyclic and non-cyclic flexagons
  4. Advanced flexagons
  5. Möbius strips and their surprising properties
  6. The math behind flexagons, Möbius strips and knotted paper bands

Team Members

Program Manager: Dr.Yossi Elran


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