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Active Science for Excelling Students

Just before the end of elementary school, let your most excelling students experience a real-live laboratory

The “Active Science for Excellence” (ASE) program was developed by the team of the Davidson Institute of Science Education based upon the belief that science education can advance and enrich elementary school students. The active science approach is known in the educational world as “Hands on Activity”, namely, activity in which concepts and principles are learnt through live demonstration, e.g., lab activities and practical experiments. In ASE this concept has an even more extended meaning, offering “Active Science” – practicing science while focusing on one scientific concept at each meeting, with the purpose of assimilating it through constructing a product that demonstrates the phenomenon. During the activity, participants will acquire a variety of skills from performing research, such as team work, quantification, investigation, and critical learning and thinking.

More about the program

Meetings are held in groups of up to 20 participants and are led by a professional instructor from the fields of natural sciences and engineering. The instructors, which were trained according to the scientific-educational spirit of the program, are guided and supported by the faculty of the Davidson Institute of Science Education. The activity comprises of a short theoretical part, combining discussion and demonstration, as well as a practical part in which the students build a product or model illustrating the scientific or technological principle being taught. In each meeting we will emphasize the connection of the scientific topic to everyday life (“link to life”). The activity is accompanied by a website with all study material, together with enrichment material, a message board, puzzles, and research exercises that complement the topics discussed during the meetings.

During the last part of the program, students will develop a personal project that is aimed at summarizing the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the year. In 5th grade students will present the story and solution to the mystery discussed throughout the year. In 6th grade students will plan, construct and design a model or product.

The projects will be presented at the concluding ceremony in the end of the year, during which participants will be granted a certificate of participation from the Davidson Institute of Science Education, the education arm of the Weizmann Institute of Science.

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