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Young Science Groups (Kamatz)

Satisfaction and a sense of success, the result when students with low motivation but huge potential study together in a science lab.

This program, developed by the Davidson Institute of Science Education, assists underprivileged junior high students, through science education, to develop their untapped potential and increase their motivation for learning and encourage excellence. The program consists of meetings that are held once a week for three hours, usually in local Community Centers across the country.

Each year a “theme project” is introduced, based on topics that are covered in science and technology in middle schools. Each activity consists of two parts: a brief theoretical discussion, presenting the scientific theme and its impact on everyday life of students, followed by a practical part where students build a product or model illustrating the principles of the scientific or technological topic studied. Student learning outcomes and individual or group projects are presented to family members, teachers, instructors and peers at a graduation gala that takes place towards the end of the school year at the Davidson Institute.


Local municipalities and school principals, targeting students in grades 7-8.


September-April. At the beginning of the school year the program will be presented to parents and educational staff of the schools, the program will end around Passover. Activity dates will be determined in coordination with the invited participants.


Local community centers or schools.


Up to 25 sessions held once a week, for 3-4 hours.


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More about the program

The Young Science Group consists of 20 students facilitated by two professional instructors trained in a scientific-educational approach guided and supported by the staff of the Davidson Institute of Science Education. We believe this program can have a significant impact on improving students' personal competence and empowerment beyond the study of science and technology in school. We believe promoting the achievements of the students participating in the program may also contribute to raising the achievement in science and technology of all their peers. Running the program at the school is done in coordination and cooperation with the school administration, teaching staff and consultants.

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