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European Researchers' Night 2016

For one special night only the Weizmann Institute of Science opens its doors and invites everyone for a celebration of science!

Not a day goes by where something isn’t happening at the Weizmann Institute: Scientists and faculty staff are coming and going, students from all around the world are doing research and students come to participate in activities, classes and workshops. Now, for one night, the Institute invites the public to visit Weizmann and find out exactly what we're doing here.

"Researchers' Night" is a festival that lasts for one evening, devoted entirely to science. You can participate in lectures, workshops and exhibitions and even try performing real experiments, tour the labs and visit the Museum of Science Park. So you have nothing to deliberate: check out our program (published below), mark the activities that interest you the most and prepare yourself for an evening full of fun.


The general public - children, teenagers and adults. See the program to check the recommended ages for various activities.


Thursday, September 22, 2016, from 17:00-22:00.


Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot


Free entrance! The event is funded by the European Union


Upon arriving at the Weizmann Institute, follow the relevant signs.

More about the program

The event has taken place since 2006 as part of the activities carried out simultaneously in all science museums and most research institutions in Israel. The event in Israel is part of Europe-wide activities sponsored by the European Union, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Space and the Office of the Chief Scientist.