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Miracles and Wonders at the Garden of Science

Giant pyramid, scientific magic, the miracle of the un-poppable balloon and a excusive “Smart Yoram and the Magic of Science” show for Passover

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Come to discover the science behind Passover. This upcoming Passover the Garden of Science will hold a special program for the holiday, including a wide variety of activities , and, for the first time, a children’s play about science.

Note: please visit this page for the times of the different activities [in Hebrew]

The activities:

  • The play “Smart Yoram and the Magic of Science” is based on the new season of the adventure series for preschool children and first graders, which lets them have an initial encounter with the scientific world.
  • Giant pyramid – visitors will be invited to create bricks and construct a giant pyramid from them at the Garden of Science.
  • Egyptian hieroglyphs – did anyone ever tell you your handwriting is about as legible as hieroglyphics? This is your chance to create your own Egyptian hieroglyphs.
  • The “Ten Scientific Phenomena” tour – a special Passover tour of the Garden’s exhibits.
  • The “Miracles and Wonders” show – not only Moses can make miracles happen! We will experiment with scientific magic and turn water into blood. The number of places is limited; recommended for children ages 5 and up.
  • The Plague of Frogs – an artist workshop at the Garden of Science – we will make frogs with the artist Nitzan (the workshop will take place during April 12-13)
  •  Ecosphere – we will experience the magic at the garden’s ecological zone
  • Zone for the little ones – the Garden of Science will have a special arts and crafts corner with coloring pages, maze pyramid and more
  • “Cool” demonstration – scientific demonstrations
  • Space exhibits – for children ages 10 and up
  • The miracles of the un-poppable balloon – visitor will make a balloon that cannot pop



The general public (families and children).


Passover holiday April 1st-18th. Click here for details on activities and times [in Hebrew]


The Garden of Science museum, Davidson Institute of Science Education, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot


Adult: 40 NIS; Child (5-18yrs): 35 NIS; Family: 150 NIS; Senior Citizen: 20 NIS; Student/Disabled Person: 20 NIS; Infant (under 5yrs): free; Soldiers during mandatory service and national service volunteers: free. 10% discount for online booking!


Tickets can be purchased online with a discount or at the museum ticket office (no need to coordinate in advance). All discounts will be given with the appropriate ID card only. Family ticket: two parents and all children under 18 listed on their ID card. Cancellation policy: tickets can be cancelled up to 14 days from purchase date, with a 5% cancellation fee.

Please note!
The play “Smart Yoram and the Magic of Science” will take place on April 11th,12th, 15th and 17th, 2017 at 11am,1pm and 4pm