Naama Bar-On

Evaluation Unit manager

Naama is a clinical and organizational psychologist and an expert on evaluation of social and educational programs. She managed “Mishtanim” for several years, which is an independent leading group in the field of social and educational program evaluation. The group gives evaluations on a wide range of programs for ministries and third-sector organizations, working in all levels of Israeli society.

Naama is an expert of evaluation, guidance and consultation for development of unique and innovative programs. She also guides and promotes professional development of evaluators, and has taught and developed Master-degree courses on evaluation at Ben Gurion University throughout the years. She is also a member or the board of IAPE – Israeli Association for Program Evaluation, which works at developing the evaluation field in Israel and in training evaluators.

Naama’s position as head of the evaluation unit at the Davidson Institute of Science Education, entails evaluation of the variety of educational programs of the institute, including evaluation of their graduates, accomplishments, cross-sectional issues of the institute, as well as providing evaluation services for external science education programs. The unit’s activities integrate innovative approaches for evaluation, with a variety of evaluation tools. In addition, it takes part in designing and developing programs in the institute, in professionalization processes in the institute, as well as in science education research.