Dr. oren eckstien

Position: Director of “Shoham” – Science and Education Seekrs, “Science for All” Unit
e-mail: oren.eckstien@weizmann.ac.il

Dr. Eckstien holds a bachelor’s degree in Soil and Water Sciences and a master’s degree in Science Education from the Hebrew University. He has acquired his PhD in Science Education from the Weizmann Institute of Science under the supervision of Prof. Bat-Sheva Alon, on the topic of utilizing games for physics education: “Teaching science and technology in junior high school via gamified active science – challenge, skill and flow”. 

Dr. Eckstien started working at the Davidson Institute of Science Education in 2004 in the Active Science program and was a science teacher in the “Hila” program, in which he developed a science learning unit.

In addition, he taught physics in schools and colleges, and was involved in developing study material for the science and technology program in junior high school. Nowadays, he also speaks at professional science education conferences.

Since 2016, Dr. Eckstien has been directing the “Science for All” unit of the Davidson Institute of Science Education, which mainly engages in making science more accessible to the general public and in informal science education.