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Ma’ale – Excelling Arab Students in Science and Engineering

If you are excelling students from the Arab sector with the intent of majoring in sciences in high school and do not shy away from hard work – we have a program you should not miss

"Bending" a soccer ball, a melting ice cube and popcorn popping in the microwave. Everyday phenomena? Not for us. In the “Excellence in the Arab Community” program, which opened in 2014, you will create a computer simulation of these actions and others, and maybe even foresee their result: where will the ball we kicked go, what part of the ice will melt first, and at what exact second will the corn kernel pop.

Over the course of the three years of the program, which focuses on computerized science, you will acquire profound knowledge in programing (Python, EJS, Matlab) and apply it to solve scientific problems. In addition, you will get the chance to encounter Arab startup companies, engineers and researchers involved in cutting-edge research, and technological or biological development in the country.  At the end of each year, you will do a research project, combining programming and science on the topic that you find the most interesting, so if you are willing to work hard for your future, we would like to work together with you.

More about the program

The “Excellence in the Arab Community” program aspires to change the rules in Israel and assist excelling students from the Arab community in becoming part of Israeli academia or Hi-Tech industry in the future. For this purpose, our program works on five main aspects:

  1. Learning Hebrew: lessons are conducted in Hebrew in order to allow the students to practice using the language, thus making it easier for them to compete with native Hebrew speakers in the Israeli job market in the future.
  2. Role models: we introduce the students with experts and professionals in academia and industry in order to set them role models and examples for professions they can acquire in the future.
  3. Scientific enrichment: the program will be taught by lecturers from the Weizmann Institute of Science and the Davidson Institute of Science Education. Participants will have the opportunity to visit laboratories and be exposed to research that relates to them and at the highest level. 
  4. Soft skills: the program aims, at part, to train the participants in acquiring skills, such as standing in front of an audience, self-confidence and even writing a resume.
  5. Networking: the combination of activities allows participants to create a social and professional circle that will assist them in the future with acceptance to the university and searching for a job.

For more information look at the Hebrew site.