Dr. Aurelie Lachish-Zalait

Professional Development in Science Education Unit manager
E-mail: aurelie.lz@weizmann.ac.il

Aurelie Lachish-Zalait, director of the Teachers Professional Development Unit at the Davidson Institute, acquired a PhD in chemistry from the Weizmann Institute in 2005. Her research in the Department of Materials and Interfaces focused on the transport of DNA molecules into the cell nucleus.

After completing her postdoctoral training and working in the private sector for a few years, Aurelie returned to the Weizmann Institute to acquire a teaching certificate in chemistry, and in 2010 joined the Davidson Institute. In addition to developing learning materials and mentoring students on research projects conducted in Weizmann labs, she also co-created a scientific excellence program for junior high schools. She also teaches high school chemistry.

Since 2014, Aurelie has been directing the Teachers' Professional Development Unit, which generates and implements a variety of programs for the professional development of math and science teachers, emphasizing active and diverse methods for instruction and assessment, and offering continuous support for the educators as they implement these programs into their schools.