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Super Trees

What senses do trees have? How do they communicate? What is their role in the environment? Discover all this and more in this fun online course

Next time you visit the neighborhood park, stop and take a good look at the trees around you: they are “stuck” in place for all their lives without moving, but they still live for dozens and even hundreds of years, sometimes in extreme climates. How does this happen?

This course (6 units, 4-6 hours of learning time) is made up of activities, videos, quizzes, games and experiments you can do at home! It will show you the superpowers trees use to survive and will answer questions such as: What special trees are there in the world? What do they "eat"? What is photosynthesis? How do trees communicate and how is this related to the internet?

There is also a treasure, a hidden sentence in the course! Can you find it?



Anyone curious to learn about trees, 8-13 year olds and their families


Once you register, all the course content will be accessible at any time


Anywhere with web access (a computer or tablet is recommended)


Special price! $28 (104 NIS); instead of $35 (130 NIS)



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More about the program

  • A secure website available anytime, anywhere
  • Six units of fascinating scientific information about trees
  • A captivating science course for the whole family right at your fingertips at an affordable price