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Inspired by Nature: A Summer Exhibition in the Garden of Science

How do humans mimic nature’s inventions? How do animals solve problems? And how does all of this relate to advanced technologies? Discover the secrets of biomimicry at the 2019 summer exhibition in the Garden of Science

During the 2019 summer vacation, the Clore Garden of Science will hold an exhibition celebrating the wonderful world of biomimicry: bio = nature, mimicry = imitation, and together – imitation of nature.

Biomimicry enables us to draw from the wisdom of nature and develop inventions, technologies, and patents based on it. Which human inventions mimic nature? Velcro is based on a thorn’s seed-dispersal mechanism; the front of the world’s fastest train has a streamlined shape, reminiscent of the kingfisher’s beak; and lotus leaves have inspired the design of unique materials and surfaces that remain dry – to name just a few examples.

The “Inspired by Nature” exhibition invites you to discover more of nature’s special tricks. Explore the exhibition installations throughout the Garden’s indoor, air-conditioned spaces and outdoor lawns and enjoy a variety of exhibits, activities, and workshops, including:

Create your own superhero, based on the super-powers of the animal kingdom

  • Bet on who will win the Animal Olympics
  • Pose for a selfie with a white amaranth shark
  • Play with nature’s camouflages
  • See like the birds and the insects
  • Construct various buildings inspired by nature
  • Visit the Garden’s EcoSphere complex and explore its Innovation and Inspired-by-Nature Lab
  • Enjoy a family game linking the Garden’s installation to fascinating natural phenomena
  • And more…

Come with the whole family for a multi-sensory experience that combines nature and technology, and embark on an adventure that will reveal the most surprising characteristics of the animal, vegetable, and similar world around us.



The general public, families, and groups (recommended for ages 5 and up)


Sunday - Thursday, 9 am - 8 pm (from 1 pm – 4 pm the activity will be held only in the indoor, air-conditioned spaces)
Saturdays, 9 am – 6 pm
​Fridays - closed


The Clore Garden of Science museum at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot
Parking – in the Garden of Science parking lot. To navigate using Waze, enter “Science Garden Parking Lot.”



NIS 59 per visitor (child or adult)
Discounts: 10% discount for online orders; 50% discount for senior citizens, students, and persons with disabilities; children under 5 years – free


All discounts require the presentation of appropriate documentation at the Garden’s entrance. Participation in the activity is conditional upon ticket purchase on the Garden’s website or office.

Ticket purchases with a coupon – on the website only [in Hebrow].

For further information, call 08-9378300