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"A Spin Around Mars": A summer exhibition at the Clore Garden of Science

Grab your spacesuits and fill your oxygen tanks because you are about to embark on a journey to one of the most intriguing and illustrious planets of our solar system: Mars.

“A Spin Around Mars” opens for the 2018 summer vacation at the Weizmann Institute’s Clore Garden of Science in Rehovot. The exhibition affords visitors a peek into the mysterious secrets from the red planet’s past, enabling them to experience its harsh and challenging conditions at present and examine the question – will we be able to inhabit Mars in the future?

Are your spacesuits and oxygen tanks ready? Good! Here are your next missions:

  • You have the responsibility – to take command of a team of astronauts that are studying Mars
  • You have one and a half minutes – to put on VR goggles, cross over a crater and reach the other side
  • You have a license – to control a virtual rover (space exploration vehicle) and use it to search for signs of life
  • You have a spaceship – to launch so that it would reach Mars in the shortest time possible
  • You have an opportunity – for a sneak-peek of the “Habitat”: a building simulating an astronauts’ housing facility
  • You have a station – to design a space-selfie and share “A Spin Around Mars” with the universe

Also – find out why is the soil on Mars red? Are there water there? What does a sunset look like on Mars? Is it warm there? How old are we in Mars years? And much more…

The ticket to the exhibition will also grant you entrance to the Garden of Science, where you can play a riddle-solving game to win prizes, and experience live demonstrations from professional instructors in the permanent exhibits.



All ages (recommended for children over 5; the VR stand is suitable for ages 7 and up), organized tour groups and study groups.



From July 16th until after the September Holidays (with a possible extension).
Opening hours in July and August:
Sunday-Thursday: 9 am-1 pm; 4 pm-8 pm
Saturday: 9 am-6 pm



For navigation using Waze or Google Maps, search for “Garden of Science.” Enter the Weizmann Institute campus and park in the Garden of Science parking lot. Parking is free – and abundant.



2-for-1 sale: only 50 NIS per visitor (adult or child) for entrance to the exhibition + Garden of Science!
A 10% discount will be given for online bookings; a 50% discount for senior citizens/students/disabled persons; free entrance for children under 5.



Discounts will be given only if appropriate identification in presented at the Garden of Science ticket office. Participating in the activities is conditional on ticket purchase – online or at the ticket office.