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Sparks of Science

If you are high school students from the Ethiopian community who live in the Rehovot area and you find yourself creating clouds in your room or enjoy discovering how a balloon burns but does not explode - our labs are waiting especially for you.

So, you finished your school day and come home. Now what? Twice a week you have the chance to jump on a bus organized by us and visit our open laboratories at the Davidson Institute of Science Education, to be exposed to new fields of science, scientific experimentation and meet students and Ethiopian researchers from the academia and industry in Israel.

Depending on your class (9th, 10th, 11th or 12th), the program will focus on the relevant things you are learning from the same year. In 9th grade, for example, we will give you taste of all the science subjects before everybody else (chemistry, physics, biology and computers), eleventh grade will focus on your chosen science stream and twelfth grade will help you with your final exams  (Bagrut). But beyond studies and the laboratory, throughout the year we will also run short 3-day camps with fun programs to enjoy with your friends, sleep in our youth village and participate in team-building activities, and even preparation for military service. Even the pizza you order yourself for dinner is on us!


Students in grades 9-12, of Ethiopian background, living Rehovot or its surrounds. The program is also relevant for students who wish to volunteer for the PERACH program.


During the school year, once or twice a week after school for 4 hours. A two-day science camp is held three times during the year. The program runs for four years.


Davidson Institute of Science Education at the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot.


The program is funded by the Pergament family and the New York Community Appeal (UJA) and a small additional administration fee.


Teachers and principals whose students respond to the program advertisement are invited to recommend candidates from 8th grade, who will be invited for interviews at the Davidson Institute of Science Education.

More about the program

During the school year, the program works in three simultaneous areas:

  1. Fortnight meetings: 4-hourly sessions at the Weizmann Institute, held in small groups according to various levels of students and delivered by students from the Weizmann Institute and other universities as part of the PERACH Program. The meetings are devoted to the study of mathematics, computer science, chemistry, physics and biology. There are also dedicated group lessons for learning the English language, for its significance in studying science, technology and other fields.
  2. Science Camps: To be conducted three times during the year. These camps will accept students from the various educational and experimental scientific fields.
  3. "Empowerment" workshops: Led by professional facilitators, held in small groups and deal with issues such as proper selection, decision making, leadership, and values. The goal: to strengthen one’s personal abilities and confidence in developing leadership skills.

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