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Science Education Week

Do you want to discover the magic of science? Experience and become exposed to science in a way you never knew before? Come take part in the dozens of activities and events to be held across the country

Science education week (March 26-31) integrates many organizations that hold science education close to their hearts. For this week they hold a variety of unique activities, such as scientific lectures for the general public in cafes and bars, competitions, the international safe-cracking tournament, movie screenings, museum activities and tours and many more.

Looking forward to seeing you!

More about the program

Science education week was founded by the Davidson Institute of Science Education, the education arm of the Weizmann Institute of Science, and will be held this year for the third time. The purpose of this week is to connect the general public to science – to the magic and power found within it, to its relevance for all of our everyday lives, and to put the spotlight on the importance of science education for the general population. This week integrates many organizations that hold science education close to their hearts, offering a variety of unique activities.

There is no doubt that in the 21st century, there is an increased awareness to the need of every person to have scientific literacy, as well as to the importance of promoting science among youth. Only in this manner we can create the next generation of scientists, engineers, doctors and researchers for our future, who will continue to improve the quality of life in the state of Israel. We invest in today’s science education for the tomorrow for all of us. If your organization wants to take part in science education week – contact us.

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