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Science Buds

When will we reach Mars? How many sizes does infinity have? And what is the connection between Zebrafish and our brain?

These are only a few examples of the questions we will tackle this year during the Science Buds program for excelling junior-high school students who share a love for science. Science Buds is an advanced extracurricular science program on which, three times a year, participants from around the country come to the Weizmann Institute campus for two days of laboratory experiments in the morning, lectures from experts in the afternoon, and social activity in the evenings.

The program’s multi-disciplinary activity offers a taste of such scientific fields as astronomy and astrophysics, life sciences and biotechnology, chemistry, robotics, and others. During the meetings, students will experience workshops in the lab, listen to lectures from scientists, and tour the Garden of Science and the Weizmann Institute laboratories. In the evenings, they play music together, play ping-pong, or participate in group assignments and activities.

No teachers and parents are allowed, so it is just you, us, and science

More about the program

  • Most of the lectures and workshops are given by researchers and graduate students from the Weizmann Institute.
  • Students who participated in the program in 8th grade can continue in the 9th grade without going through the screening process.
  • The most promising students in the program will receive a recommendation for the Young Researchers program (“Chetz”) in the 10th grade, and will also be eligible for additional excellence programs at the Davidson Institute of Science Education. 
  • Meetings are during school hours. A permission slip will be given to show your teacher

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Team Members

Program Director: Etty Haramati
Program Coordinator: Avivit Shuster

For more information: +972-8-9378300

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