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Out of This World

Where does space begin? What is life like aboard the International Space Station? What research takes place in space? And most importantly: how does that help us here on earth? Explore space from home with activities, quizzes, experiments and videos that are out of this world!

Have you ever looked up at the stars and wondered what’s out there, in space? This short course (7 units, a total of about 3-5 hours) will answer all of your questions about space through a series of activities, videos, quizzes and games. You will get to know space and how it’s different from earth, “visit” the International Space Station and see how astronauts live in space. In addition, we’ll learn about Israel’s contribution to space exploration.



Space lovers, 8-13 year olds and their families


Once you register, all of the course content will be accessible at any time 


Anywhere with web access (we recommend using a computer or tablet)


Special price! 28 USD (104 NIS) instead of 35 USD (130 NIS)


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More about the program

  • A secure website available anywhere, anytime
  • Seven units of fascinating scientific information about space and space exploration
  • A captivating science course for the whole family right at your fingertips at an affordable price