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The Goals of Science

How does Ronaldo score with a banana kick? Why is the field watered before a match? How round is a soccer ball? Discover the science of soccer in this fun online course

This online course will answer array of scientific questions about the game of soccer: Where did it originate? What are different ways to kick the soccer ball? Why are fans an important part of the game? How is friction related to the field? What’s the point of wearing cleats? Does the goalkeeper’s outfit affect anything? Can you play soccer in space?

The course is comprised of videos, quizzes, games and experiments you can do at home!



Soccer and science fans, anyone curious to learn about the science behind soccer, 8-14 year olds and their families


Once you register, all of the course content will be accessible at any time


Anywhere with web access (we recommend a computer or tablet)


Special price! 28$ (104 NIS); instead of 35$ (130 NIS)


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More about the program

  • A secure website available anywhere, anytime
  • Six units of fascinating scientific information about the game of soccer
  • A captivating science course for the whole family right at your fingertips at an affordable price