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Enhancing Math Learning (Shlav)

Not all high school students enjoy mathematics, despite the upcoming matriculation exams. This equation has a solution, too.

If your students are having a tough time with mathematics, you may have noticed that these students are divided into three distinct groups: students who are falling behind but are still motivated to improve, students who show lack of interest in math due to discipline or concentration problems and students with relatively low cognitive skills compared to others.

Teaching a class in which students from all three groups learn together may be especially challenging, since each student requires an individual pace, treatment and learning tools. With the help of one of our advisors, who will come to the classroom on a regular basis and take an active part in the lesson, you will be able to, not only spot the struggling students and assess their level, but also give the teachers feedback and a full supportive platform of guidance and tools that will enable them to bring their class to the required level for the matriculation exams, and even beyond it. Aside from the advisors meeting the teachers at the school, personal meetings with the students will be held, as well as a special meeting for the entire class at the Davidson Institute of Science Education in Rehovot.  

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