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Computer Science, Academia and Industry

The moment you look practicality straight in the eye

If you are in 11th grade, majoring in 5 units of computer science, you probably have thought to yourself at some point – How do you develop a chess game? How does the internet work? How do you recognize a person in an image? How do you develop an app? What are the languages and platforms in popular use in the industry?

The “Computer Science, Academia and Industry” program answers these questions and introduces you to research and development activities, both in academia and industry, in the fields of computer science, and software and computer engineering. Here is a little taste of what you can expect to encounter during the program: artificial intelligence, cryptography, machine learning, smartphone simulations, websites, robotics, Big-Data, game theory – and that’s just the beginning.

So if you find interest in one (and probably more) of these topics, you have found your place with us.

In the program, you will have the opportunity to be exposed to these topics and then experience developing a project, under the supervision of an advisor from academia or industry, which will give you 5 more units for your high school diploma.

The program is accredited by the ministry of education (5 units), as well as by certain units in the army and will assist you in planning your professional future.

More about the program

The program is divided into two parts, spanning two school years, from October in 11th grade and until April in 12th grade.

Part one (11th grade): As part of the purpose of opening a window to academia and industry, monthly enrichment meetings will be held in the afternoon and will include lectures from experts, activities and exposure to advanced methods, innovative developing tools and advanced technologies. The students’ teachers will also be taking part in the meetings, thus creating a common basis of interest with their students, which they can expand later on in class.

Part two (12th grade): During this part, excelling students will get to develop a software project (accredited as a 5 unit thesis paper), under the supervision and guidance of people from academia and industry, in a manner resembling “the real scientific-technological world” (see example). The entire project development process will be done with the active involvement and support of the school teachers and the program’s staff.

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