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Brain Bee competition

The international neuroscience competition for students from all over the world returns

Competitors will be tested in different topics of neuroscience, such as the neural basis of senses, memory, emotion, aging, sleep, anatomy of the brain and neurological disorders. The questions are based on the book Brain Facts by the Society for Neuroscience.

In every competing country, there will first be a national competition, and the winning students from all 25 countries will represent their country in the international competition that is held each year in a different country. In summer 2018 the competition will be held in Berlin, Germany. 2nd place in the Israeli competition will participate in a summer course given by the science-oriented youth unit at Tel-Aviv University.


Who can participate: 10th-12th grade high school students (age range 15-18)


The online course will be opened during September 2017


Free of charge


Registration is available online or through the registration center. A confirmation letter and a link to the course website (personal password for Moodle Davidson system) will be sent by E-mail

More about the program

Symposium (in English):
January 19th 2018, 9am-1pm - oral presentations and exercise tutorial with the lecturers.
Dolfi Auditorium, next to the building of the Faculty of Medicine at Tel-Aviv University.

Semi-finals (written exam in English)
February 9th 2018, 9am-12pm – the semi-finals will include a written exam with 30 multiple choice questions in English. Following the exam, students will participate in an enriching activity.
Dolfi Auditorium, next to the building of the Faculty of Medicine at Tel-Aviv University.

Interview stage (personal interview in English)
February 2018 - personal interview in English to be held at Tel-Aviv University.

The National Finals (in English)
March 15th 2018, 5pm-7pm, will be held at Tel-Aviv University as part of the Brain Awareness Week (BAW) events.
The ten highest-scoring students on the written exam and the interview will compete in front of a panel of highly distinguished judges (senior neuroscientists). Participants will be tested on the theoretical material and will be required to identify brain regions and diagnose neurological diseases. The winner will represent Israel in the International Finals.

International Finals (in English):
Summer 2018 - The International Finals will be held in Berlin, Germany.

For more information please see the Hebrew site