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Amos de-Shalit Science Youth Camp

Mark your calendars for summer vacation – we have planned a summer camp for you, packed with science and fun: Experiments, lectures, and social activities that will intrigue, inspire, and entertain you.

What is dark energy? Is our DNA really different than that of a fly? How can bacteria be made to produce drugs? These are only a few examples of the questions we will discuss during a full week of summer camp, which you will spend with the 50 other program participants from all around the country, who love science as much as you. Ahead of the camp, you will be asked to choose the scientific field you find the most interesting – biotechnology and medicine or chemistry and physics. According to your choice, you will be divided in the mornings into two tracks, each focusing on the chosen fields. In the evening, the entire group rejoins for such activities as treasure hunts, talent shows, games, riddles, and more.  

On the camp’s final day, you will meet your parents for a festive event, on which you will show them all the cool things you have done and constructed over the week. They will also be there to watch you receive certificates in a special ceremony.

Lectures and workshops will be given by researchers and graduate students conducting their research at the Weizmann Institute of Science.

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Team Members

Program Director: Etty Haramaty
Program Coordinators: Avivit Shuster and Inbal Madmon


For more information: +972-8-9378300

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