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The program offers two activity days in the desert, during which students will be exposed to fascinating and extraordinary topics in science through hands-on activities, while acquiring a variety of skills.

The two-day camp will take place at Masada and will be focused on scientific activities related to the conquest of Masada. As part of the camp, students will sleep in tents, prepare their own meals, and experience the challenges of the great outdoors. 

Activities will be held in small groups (up to 10 students each). Participants will be encouraged to develop their scientific thinking through problem-solving and teamwork. The activities are diverse, integrating theory and demonstration – students will build a product or a model demonstrating a scientific principle. For example: building a catapult, applying knowledge in physics and chemistry to create light sources, applying mechanical principles for various uses, and more.

The camps are conducted in cooperation between the school’s educational team and the scientific team of the Davidson Institute. The educational team will participate in a short tutorial on the topics that will be taught at the camp, and will receive support from the scientific team.

More about the program

The program is accessible to all students and is adapted to participants’ age group, scientific background, etc. Therefore, it can serve both as a means to encourage high-achieving students to choose and persist in scientific studies, and to empower students with unmet potential.

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Program Director: Tamar Levy

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