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Active "mandatory" science

This Davidson Institute program is aimed at 10th- grade students who are not majoring in science and are require to take “mandatory science” classes, to conform with Ministry of Education policy. The program exposes the learners to interesting and extraordinary topics in science through hands-on activities, while also teaching them a variety of skills.

The program applies the active learning approach, whereby science is learned through building products that enable the students to demonstrate and illustrate the principles and concepts they learned, enhancing their skills and expanding their understanding.

The program applies and expands the active learning concept, using science and technology as a social-educational tool for empowering each student; making room for their individual uniqueness; developing and building their personal confidence and capability; fostering their rational thinking skills; and instilling a variety of skills, such as teamwork, communications, inquiry, learning, and critical thinking.

The program’s lessons are taught by the school staff, with the academic support of the Davidson Institute, which also supplies the necessary equipment.

The program is suitable for all students required to take mandatory science, and especially for those who have difficulty with theoretical and frontal studies, such as students of the “Mabar” and “Etgar” tracks.

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Team Members

Program Director: Tamar Levy
Area coordinators and staff development: Adam Reved, Naama Meydan, Maayan Sagi
Evaluation: Veronica Starkov
Science Advisor: Oved Kedem

For information, guidance ‎and registration: +972-8-9378300

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