Merav Dvori Levy

Position: Head of Marketing Unit

Merav is a head of marketing and business development, directing marketing in a variety of fields, and has twenty years of experience in all stages of marketing. Among other things, she has engaged in developing marketing strategies, forming synergistic collaborations and brand building.

Her previous positions include marketing VP at TheMarker & Haaretz group, senior marketing manager in Coca-Cola Company and head of the research department in Telad - Channel 2.

She has established the Marketing Unit of the Davidson Institute of Science Education to promote awareness of science education in general, and specifically the activity of the Davidson Institute.

“The greatest challenge at the Davidson Institute of Science Education was applying the traditional and innovative marketing tools used in big companies with large budgets to a non-profit organization with a small marketing budget, and still achieves significant nation-wide results, thus influencing the science education field in Israel”.

Merav holds a B.A. in Business Management and a Master of Science in Professional Communication (M.S.P.C)