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Math and Science by Mail Club

Do you enjoy Puzzles and Challenges in Math or Science and want to learn more? We focus on the most interesting, unusual and obscure subjects and turn them into a year-long course of online activities, so that anyone, anywhere and at any time will be able to join in and learn - ...and, you can even stay in your pyjamas!

What is a Vampire number? Can you find a connection between ants and Facebook? How do you create optical illusions? What is the connection between rabbits, rectangles and gold? No matter what the time is or even if you are vacationing on the moon - as long as you have a computer and an Internet connection you can connect to the ‘Math and Science by Mail Club' and find all the answers. We have prepared digital books with dozens of pages of puzzles, experiments and magic tricks, and also videos and weekly challenges you can solve at home. Join thousands of participants from all over the world! Choose your language - Hebrew, English or Arabic.

The program is in its 35th consecutive year. In the past the program was run through the post and email, but over the years we have incorporated online interactive tools. Our world-renowned Weizmann Institute scientists are involved in writing the content, as well as personally leading ‘special events’ and conferences held within our online framework. 'Math by Mail' delves into topics in recreational math and led by metagrobologists Yossi and Michal Elran together with Weizmann mathematicians. ‘Science by Mail’ is dedicated to research currently taking place at the Weizmann Institute, allowing students a real glimpse into the world of contemporary research.

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For students in Grades 4-6 who like math and science and are not afraid of challenges!


You can join an online activity at any time, and work according to your own personal progress.
The opening dates for the online booklets are as follows:


Participation in an online activity can be done anywhere that has access to a computer that is connected to the Internet.


300 NIS per participant (approximately 80$).
International credit cards only.

More about the program

Enrollment entitles you to access:

  • Four interactive e-booklets in recreational math and/or cutting-edge science, distributed throughout the year. An e-booklet is published every 2 months starting in November and can be accessed anytime online to be done at home or at school. 
  • Each e-booklet is dedicated to an in-depth topic that is exciting, challenging and fun!  The e-booklets are developed in collaboration with world-renowned mathematicians and scientists from the Weizmann Institute of Science. 
  • Every year, there are different topics so that students can progress in advanced math and science studies throught their upper elementary and junior high studies.
  • Weekly challenges: math puzzles, riddles and riveting experiments
  • An active learning forum where participants can interact with the program's professional teams and other students.
  • A safe and enriching internet learning environment

The courses are appropriate for individuals who wish to learn independently or for enrichment groups at school.

This year interactive booklets are: 

Math by Mail 2018-19:

  • The game of life
  • Magic squares
  • Taxicab geometry
  • Vampire numbers

Science by Mail 2018-19:

  • Trees
  • Senses
  • Facebook and ants
  • Fast and furious
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Team Members

Head of Distant Learning Programs: Dr. Shuly Kotzer
Head of Math by Mail: Michal Elran
Head of Science by Mail: Orit Kaufman
Club Coordinator in Arabic: Sally Karkar


For information, guidance ‎and registration: +972-8-9378300

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