Garden of Science Museum

In most museums you are requested “not to touch the exhibits” – we ask you to do exactly the ‎opposite

The Clore Garden of Science museum is the first open-air science museum in the world and visitors are requested to touch, experiment and play with over ninety exhibits spanning over one hectare of green lawns.

All exhibits of the museum demonstrate the scientific principles behind many natural phenomena, such as rainbows, gravity, solar energy etc. From time to time, demonstrations and workshops on a variety of topics are held in the auditorium and exhibitions rooms. These activities invite visitors to learn and deepen their knowledge on a specific topic, such as light and color, optical illusions and 3D, the brain and many more.

Visitors can spend many hours at the Garden of Science, independently investigating and discovering the exhibits. Visitors also have the option of joining guided tours in small groups (free on Saturdays and holidays), in which our instructors accompany, explain and demonstrate how the exhibits of the garden work. You are even welcome to bring food and beverages from home, grab a park bench or a nice patch of grass and have a picnic. From little to big, from student to teacher – a visit to the Garden of Science is an experience anyone can enjoy, and of course, learn and expand their horizons from. So next time you want to take the family for a day out, or take students on a class activity, know that we are here for you. Looking forward to seeing you!

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