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KATOM – A computer-based program

Teachers bring their expertise, students bring their natural curiosity; one cannot even imagine what happens when technology helps connect the two together in the classroom.

As a teacher, you enter the classroom and ask a question: "Do you think that at this exact moment an earthquake is occurring somewhere in the world?" Students go to their laptops and answer in their online form. The results of the survey are immediately displayed up on the board: 90 percent think No. "Now," you ask them, "Go to the global map of earthquakes and check for yourselves." Students dive into the depths of the site and are surprised with the outcome. You go on to challenge your students, "If you were their Prime Minister, how would you advise residents of these countries to defend themselves?" The students, already engrossed in the topic, investigate the matter in small groups, suggest ideas, sharer their conclusions online and finally publish their recommendations in the class forum. And although the class comes to an end, they're already looking forward to the next challenge.

More about the program

The Davidson Institute of Education exists exactly for these kinds of lessons. Together with the teacher, and in accordance with the curriculum, we help you find the most creative ways to use technological tools that students are familiar with. This encourages them to participate and share, learn how to learn and develop the desire to ask questions, to express themselves and create new knowledge - and all of this is not because you asked them to, but because they really wanted to do it themselves.

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